The Payroll Department is staffed by two Payroll Specialists and two Payroll Processors. Oversight is provided by Ken Mosser, Comptroller, and Todd Vik, Business Manager.

The Payroll Department issues monthly pay to over 3,300 staff members. The Department also processes tax-sheltered annuities and handles the garnishment of wages.  The Department issues over 5,000 W-2 forms annually.

Direct Deposit

Any direct deposit information needs to be updated by 15th of each month for it to take effect for the next payroll. If changes are submitted after the 15th, we cannot guarantee that your direct deposit will be processed correctly for the next payroll.

Employee Access Center (EAC)

A web-based resource for employees. EAC offers easy and immediate access to your information as an employee of the Sioux Falls School District.

  • Update your demographic information

  • Payroll information

  • Salary information

  • Leave banks

  • Print W2 information

  • Update federal & state tax withholdings

  • Deduction & benefit information

  • Update direct deposit information

  • Calculate paycheck scenarios

Kayla Haines

Kayla Haines

Finance Office Supervisor

✆ (605) 367-7911
✉ Email Kayla Haines
➢ IPC - Payroll

Audra Sternke

Audra Sternke

Payroll Specialist

✆ (605) 367-6174
✉ Email Audra Sternke
➢ IPC - Payroll

Maranda Shibley

Maranda Shibley

Payroll Benefits Specialist

✆ (605) 367-5734
✉ Email Maranda Shibley
➢ IPC - Payroll

Cindy Miller

Cindy Miller

Payroll Processor

✆ (605) 367-7912
✉ Email Cindy Miller
➢ IPC - Payroll

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Sarah Newcomb

Payroll Processor

✆ (605) 367-4307
✉ Email Sarah Newcomb
➢ IPC - Payroll

Wage Verification

For mortgage financing, rental verifications, or income-verifying documents, please contact our Finance department.

✆ (605) 367-7903
Fax: (605) 367-7906
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